Swamplandia! Musings: anagrams and the red Seth


Only one post and already a couple of mistakes.

1. I am not presently a telemarketer.  Yet I believe that like bedwetting and alcoholism– “Once a telemarketer, always a telemarketer.”

2. In Karen Russell’s novel SWAMPLANDIA!, she does not write that the red Seth dies. (warmed over spoiler alert).  But since red Seth is only a baby alligator and is a bright red color which would attract predators– I made the leap that he does not survive.

He could be a figment of teenage Eva’s overactive imagination.

He is a symbol of innocence.  This, I would never have figured out on my own.  I read some book reviews online and some book discussion blogs.  That said, I certainly knew he was a symbol of something.  You don’t stick a red alligator in a novel for nothing.

SWAMPLANDIA! could be Eden.  Eva could be Eve.  Birdman almost is an anagram of “Adam rib”.  Only missing an a and, of course, has a stupid leftover n.  That would’ve been so cool if it had worked out.

Hilola and Osceola certainly seem like anagrams.  But I’m far too busy to work on any more slightly inaccurate puzzle answers.

Some people do not like SWAMPLANDIA!’s florid style.  Personally, I like a florid style.

Done now since I have a cold.


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