Dale Carnegie’s Rule Number Three: A Tiny Blog


You can always spot the folks who have read about Dale Carnegie’s Rule #3 from How to Win Friends And Influence People.  They are strangers who upon meeting you manage to insert your name Seven Bazillion-Jillion-Trillion times into each sentence.

“Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language,” Dale Carnegie wrote.  Yeah, well what if your name is Hermione Slugfish?  But that’s another story.

Dale, it may be, Dale, that foisting someone’s name, Dale, into every half-formed thought, Dale, is icky and fake and wildly unnatural and furthermore, Dale, it appears, Dale, that you, Dale– yes you Dale Carnegie– may be held personally accountable for having inflicted legions of slick phony-baloney soulless bastards onto The World– you get me, Dale?

(other than that, I hear it’s a good book, though.)

Thank you for reading.  Please no angry comments about me being not fit to lick Dale Carnegie’s boots. I am well aware.


Unrelated Addendum:  Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!


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