Some Chicago Encounters: a tiny blog


Chicago!  Home of the Chicago Cubs.  Chicago!  A city of diners, bookstores and bus stops.  Here are some Chicago encounters:

A man eating something barbecued out of a small greasy bag.  He licks and lip-smacks his fingers with elaborate precision.  He sits on the bench, half-turned toward me as he eats.  He’s young.  It’s a nice evening– the sky is a mysterious blue and I look at the church across the street.  “Come join us” the sign out front says.  The bus arrives– I see the headlights and stand.  The man has finished eating and is startled by my movement.  He notes the bus.  He says, “Well.  I’m disappointed.”

A man, not too old, sitting on the sidewalk.  His back to a storefront, he looks at me as I walk by and says, “Oh god you’re kidding” and laughs and laughs and laughs.

On cell phone at bus stop, a woman, 40’s: “I told her you need to get your own man, your own job, your own place…”

In diner, man, 40’s discoursing on a recent break-up from his boyfriend:  “I took the high road.  I mean, I called him an asshole but–”

Man of indeterminate age in bookstore.  He proffers the theory that the Billy Goat curse doesn’t exist– the Chicago Cubs have been bribed to lose every single year!  The bookstore owner is skeptical.  “Every year– the whole team?”  “You only got to bribe one guy!”


Thanks for stopping by.

Related Addendum:  Opinions printed here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog writer.


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