Dada koans #3: delicate Gothic children


Hello.  After five months, I decided to try to tidy up my apartment. Found my WordPress password! Crushed under a hardback of horror novel House of Leaves (by Danielewski)   the notebook paper had soda stains, was crumpled and ripped in two, but still readable.

Due to a wrist injury– I now use a razor blade instead of scissors to cut words and phrases from old newspapers.  Other than that, my methods for these Dada koans– Whitman’s chocolates box, Tristan Tzara input, random pulls of word slips– haven’t changed.  For a more in depth explanation, see Surreal Poem How To: Dada koans #2.

The above pink Dada Koan reads (in b&w):

a fertile


appeared to be mulling


delicate Gothic



supported themselves



Thank you for stopping by.

Unrelated addendum:  The President of the United States is often shortened to POTUS.  If Donald Trump becomes President, it could further be shortened to PUS.

Also, I guess Bernie Sanders is the best choice for campaign 2016.  However, in politics, it’s dangerous to like anybody at all.


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