Dada koans #7: a surreal casserole


All you need is a Whitman’s chocolates box full of words and phrases.  Cut up or rip out these words from newspapers and gas bills.  Give the candy box a good throttle.  Pull ten word slips and move them around.  Soon you’ll have your very own surreal scissored-out Dada koan poem thing.  Paste it onto vivid paper.

How to interpret today’s koan?

Opening word:  “Butler” refers to one who holds the profession.  Not a surname.

As for a gold-plated statuette of a casserole with the placque:  “The Discouraging Casserole” –well, I’ve won this particular award many times.  Metaphorically speaking.

Line 4: “solid color regret”  is more intense than paisley regret.

The “absurd facts” might relate to politics.  However, it’s followed by “Graphic elevated debt” which could be political or economic.  If not economical.

Last line:  “The party didn’t last” is a too obvious reference to Judy Holliday singing “The Party’s Over” in the movie Bells Are Ringing.  The plot concerns a woman who works for an answering service.  There’s a romance (Dean Martin) and an overall message to follow your dreams.  In a subplot, a dentist in the movie writes a musical with mixed results.

“The Party’s Over” is a melancholy song.  Somewhere a party is always ending, so it will never go out of style.

Here’s the above sea-blue and lemon poem in b&w:


awarded the

discouraging CASSEROLE

solid color regret

and the generous use of

absurd facts

Graphic elevated debt

The party didn’t last



Thanks for stopping by.  By the way, when I wrote the post for Dada koan #6, I lacked sleep.  But made up for it in exclamation points.


Related Addendum #1:  Wishing you all the best.

Related Addendum #2:  Music for “The Party’s Over” is by Jule Styne.  Lyrics by Comden and Green.  “Just in Time” is in this movie too.






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