Dada koans #11: American lawyer still itching


Well, the balloons have slunk to the floor, the crepe paper’s been tossed, we’ve used up a lot of scotch tape, and that brief shining milestone is officially over.  But we persevere and here’s dada koan #11.  It’s cynical but we don’t choose the words– blame the Whitman’s Sampler box.  (See previous dada koan posts or Brotchie & Gooding’s A Book of Surrealist Games for instructions on the cut up technique poem).

The above brickyard-red poem in black and white:



still itching for


we might advise that


is daunting

had eluded




This is solid advice for anyone heading to California.

Thank you very much for stopping by.


Unrelated Addendum #1:  Bachelorette Recipe for a hot summer.  You will need:  a bagel, a toaster, 2 slices of cheese, paper or dish towel, patience.  Toast bagel.  Immediately put the 2 cheese slices on one bagel half and then bagel lid it.  Wrap sandwich in a paper (or dish) towel and squeeze it for two or three minutes depending on how hungry you are.  Voila!  A delicious toasted cheese bagelwich you didn’t need to turn your oven on for!  (This doesn’t work very well with bread, by the way.)

Unrelated Addendum #2:  Nabbed a copy of the confessions of Aleister Crowley for a buck!  That’s because someone had scissored off part of the cover and scrawled black magic marker all over it.  But that only adds to its Satan-Worshipper patina.  Crowley’s mom called him The Beast as a bad thing but later he adopted this nickname for himself.  Kind of like me and awkwardphobic!  When he was a tyke, his mom who was religious told him ‘Ladies have no legs’.  Then one day, these two old church women visited and little Al crawled under the table and yelled, “Mamma!  Mamma!  Sister Susan and Sister Emma are not ladies!”  I’m sure the book is full of charming anecdotes like this.

(the confessions of Aleister Crowley, an autohagiography edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant)



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