Dada koan (#unlucky): a billionaire who makes Republicans swoon


Yes, this dada koan has a political bent. Bound to happen. Such a strange surreal year. In fact, so bizarro I heard it predicted the Cubs could win. “God, can you imagine if they finally did? They’d burn this town to the ground,” said a Chicagoan. “Would that be so bad?” his morose friend said.

Politically, it feels– not so much that the world’s off its axis– but like someone has picked up the world and thrown it like a Frisbee.  I’m referring, of course, to the !@%?#??!!! 2016 presidential election.


Here’s another– thirteenth to be exact– example of a cut-up technique poem.  I’ve razored out words and phrases from news articles, horoscopes, and tantalizing life insurance coupons.  Then I shake ’em up in a box and blindly pick ten.

Here’s the above bananas and bluebells poem in B&W:

a billionaire who claims

“I am combative.”

and stole a jacket

100% Silk

makes Republicans swoon.

has not been charged with

driving onto a packed sidewalk

Work-related travel.

Thanks for stopping by. Just think.  In another eight years there’ll be a new election*.  With an even more stomach-churning reactionary candidate and we’ll say– “Wow, never thought I’d hear myself say this– but it makes you long for the days of Trump.”  Hard to picture that happening though.  This is rock bottom’s bottom.


Related Addendum #1:  (sigh)

Related Addendum #2: Tarot cards used to be called carte da trionfi or trump cards.

*Yes, I know the national election cycle’s every four years.  But incumbents don’t feel “new”.  Is ol’ leftover Hillary Clinton “new”?  Yup, she still counts!


2 thoughts on “Dada koan (#unlucky): a billionaire who makes Republicans swoon

  1. Walker

    this is the best one yet.

    i have been playing with blackout poetry (selectively censor most of the words on a page torn from a book or elsewhere) and found myself with a trump-kinda poem lately…i’ll have to see if i can find it to share.


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