About awkwardphobic (Comedy, Comix, and Fairytales)


Sue, or awkwardphobic, is a playwright and comix-drawer living in Chicago. Her cartoons can be seen in Chicago Arts Journal. Last fall, CAJ published a scene from her play The Eviller Twin.

Self-stapled zines– Squirrelly, Sheep Rumble, Commie Dog– are sometimes sold at Quimby’s and Chicago Comics. She magic-markered 55 12″X12″ masks for the 2016 Rhinofest production of Ionesco’s Rhinoceros.

Currently, she’s revising a novel manuscript about a few fairytale characters.

In another life, she did stand up, appearing at such Chicago clubs as The Funny Firm, The Improv, and Catch a Rising Star. With Chicago Women in Comedy she performed at The Roxy, Park West and The Vic among others.


Plays include but are not limited to: Thinking Outside the Magician’s Box (dir. Matt Test, Rhinofest, Chicago)– music & libretto, Matt Test, freely adapted from my monologue, The Eviller Twin (dir. by Stefan Brun*, Curious Theatre Branch, Chicago)– music arr. by Matt Test, Paramount Girl (dir. by Beau O’Reilly, Live Bait Theatre, Chicago), The Unhappy Prince (staged reading dir. by Danne W. Taylor, Women’s Theatre Alliance, Chicago), Feeling Sorry for Roman Polanski and Nova Scotia (dir. by Julie Cohen, Zebra Xing Theatre, Chicago), FSRP alone– dir. by Anna Bahow, Rhinofest, Chicago)–dir. by Josh Shettleman (New York Comedy Club, New York)–dir. by Michael Stock (LA Fringe Fest, CA), Lizzie Borden Is Smashing and other fairytales (dir. by Jayita Bhattacharya and Jeff Bivens, Rhinofest, Chicago, music by Matt Test), and Chameleon with Stigmata (dir. by Anna Bahow, Rhinofest, Chicago), The Empress’s New Clothes (written with Leon Flagg, dir. by Leon Flagg, New York), The Three Countem Three Sisters (New York), Grounds For Suicide (New Jersey), and Snow White & Rose Red/The Princess Who Couldn’t Cry (New Jersey).

Her 6 minute Mamet parody Oleo-anna is as-yet-unproduced.


Art Shows: “Little Brown Dog” (Annoyance Theatre, Ed Furman, curator), “Faces on the Sidewalk” (ARC Gallery, group show, Zirbel, curator), “Cheerfully Morbid” (Prop Thtr, with response pieces by students from Waldorf High School, Vicki Walden, curator), “awkwardphobic” (Pick Me Up Cafe), all Chicago.


She’s done a lot of telemarketing.

candid photo

candid photo

She likes dachshunds and tough little cats.

*sorry, Stefan, my computer keyboard lacks an umlaut


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